Sunday, November 23, 2008

there will never be a sarah and nene

lucy's face up there?  i'm pretty sure that is a good representation of what my brain looks like right about now.

i've spent the weekend dog-sitting.  including lucy, that means i've been in charge of FOUR dogs.  to be honest (sorry missy) i was a little nervous about the combination of that many dogs and my meager amount of patience at this time of the year.  luckily, all four pups have been bitten by the hibernation bug in much the same way as i have and they were quite content to snooze for the majority of the weekend.  see that little spot between lucy and hunter up there?  yep.  that's where they allowed me to sit yesterday.  i thought that was very sweet of them.


yet again, i've been reminded why i can never get cable.  i wish i were one of those people with will-power, which would have enabled me to turn off the junk i've watched over the last 24 hours.  but yeah.  i don't have that.  so instead . . . 

- last night when i ran up to penney's/sephora and petsmart i was hit with a fear that stacy and clinton were going to jump out at me and kidnap me for what not to wear.  sadly, last night, i would have had to agree with them as i was wearing a pair of cords that are two sizes too big for me (but yay!  right?), a pair of summertime sneakers that really should find their way to a trash can, and a sweatshirt - decorated with a variety of dog hair - that i may or may not have slept in at one point this week.  (hey.  i planned to hibernate all day yesterday.  my pajamas matched.  leave me alone.)

- i tried to watch something educational, but instead got thoroughly depressed while watching the jonestown documentary on the history channel.  (i did watch the whole thing and then, as is my habit, obsessed about it for the next hour and read and read and read stuff online about jim jones . . . )

- my escapism from the above compulsion: the real housewives of atlanta.  holy cow.  my fascination with this show ALONE is the reason i can't be a cable subscriber.  i even re-watched an episode.  to be fair, it was the episode that contains the clip below.  and i laughed again, just like i laughed the first time i saw it.  get to the last 20 seconds or so and wait for the question this kim lady asks and then the vocal coach's response.

- nene is now one of my favorite people EVER from a reality show.  

- now i am embarrassed i've written an entire post about my tv watching habits for the last 24 hours.

-whatever.  admitting the problem is the first step toward recovery, right?

Monday, November 17, 2008

i'm it . . .

so here's my day so far . . .

- woke up at 3:15 a.m. in edmond
- got in the car at 4:00 a.m. and headed to dfw so i could be at school by 7:45 a.m.
- sat in meetings all day long

i am, by all accounts, brain dead. since my aunt j "tagged" me in her blog, i figured i would take advantage of it and participate. and, i'll be honest, i'm participating because i love the picture that came up when i searched through my folders. the rules were: go to the sixth picture folder and post the sixth picture in that folder.

this is a picture of my dad taking pictures of jessica and me in new york running around a park on the upper east side in our graduation robes.  it's a pose i've seen my dad make for years, so this picture makes me smile.  also, i am watching guilty obsession #1 of the week and had to laugh when i looked at the picture and heard the familiar voice say, "hello upper-eastsiders..." question: why did i never see chuck bass whenever i went to visit my sister?

now, i have to tag people . . . jessica (not the sister), amy, tiffany, heather, and melissa in georgia.  i would link to your blogs, but if you remember the beginning of my post i professed lack of brain activity. now that's just turned itself into exhaustion.

Monday, November 10, 2008

grocery shopping, part deaux?

wow. we'll ignore the fact that a second grocery store post in less than a week may indicate my lack of excitement in the whole life thing lately and move on to my tale.

so.  when cousin erin was here a few weeks ago, i made her eat dinner at the grocery store not once, but twice.  now.  this isn't your normal grocery . . . think whole foods, but add a whole lotta texas pride.  well, and the cafe with free wifi access.  and ice cold dublin dr pepper.  and live music.  it's pretty much heaven.  it's also my new favorite place to grade.  

yesterday - the day after the horrible day of college football - lucy and i hung out at the park and celebrated north texas and its touches of fall (finally!).

well, fall-ish . . . but isn't lucy pretty?

see!  there's fall.  stop laughing, you people with seasons.

i should probably not let her do this, but she takes off toward the water fountain 
when she sees it and i would kind of like to keep my arm.

okay.  so after the day at the park, i decided to hang out at the grocery store cafe.  it was great: i ate sushi and fresh fruit, drank a root beer, graded book reports, and played around on facebook.  then, i decided to go get my fruits and veggies for the week.  and this, dear blog readers, is the entire reason i am posting this.

here's me.  choosing a tomato.  (because if you have ever had to shop with me when picking out a tomato or avocado, you might know that it takes me ages.)  and i notice a girl/chick/lady about my age.  i noticed her because a) she had super cute pink glasses which i immediately coveted and b) because she was my age and had like a 6 year old and a baby baby (and yes, i know this is not really abnormal anymore, but 6 years ago i couldn't even wake up on time to get to work.) and c) she was having a very loud conversation on the phone with someone whom she "loved, too."  but then, her little girl - who was totally decked out with blue glitter eye shadow and bright pink lipstick - distracted me because she was running around picking up every single piece of produce she could touch, saying things like "mom, we need a papaya."  and all the while i am still trying to decide between roma or vine tomatoes.

then i notice blue eyeshadow girl head toward the grapes and grab a bunch of them and run them to her mom's basket and plop them in.  and her mom FREAKS out and says "NO!!!  THESE ARE NOT ORGANIC!!!"  to which i automatically rolled my eyes, cute taste in glasses be damned.  and then, 6 year-old blue eyeshadow girl says very loudly and with all of the adolescent she could muster, "WHO CARES, MOM?"  and yall.  it was the funniest thing i had heard in a very long time . . . 

the funniest thing i saw was 10 seconds later when she carted her NON-ORGANIC grapes back to where she found them and then she took two, TWO! grapes and popped them into her mouth and walked back to her mother with her hands on her hips.  oh boy.  those two are gonna have fun starting in about 5 years.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

@$%^ !!!!!!

so here are my more innocent thoughts in watching this football game . . . 

- the abc commentators should really just make out with graham harrell and get it over with.  this love-fest is nauseating.

- also the abc commentators should learn what the word "consecutive" means.  tech did NOT score four consecutive touchdowns in the first half.  we scored.  they scored thrice.  we scored again.  then they scored.  but yeah, that is NOT what consecutive means.  idiots.

-okay.  maybe the commentators just need to learn to count.  but really, they kept saying "four consecutive touchdowns in the first half."

-i can never watch a sporting event (that matters to me) at missy sue's house.  sorry, friend, but the superstitions have now kicked in.  also i can never wear my volcom sweatshirt (that i love) on game day, my holy jeans, or my favorite teva flip flops.

-i remember now why i took last year off from watching football.  i get way way way too emotional about it.  i also swear too much and crave vodka/tequila/beer/tylenol p.m.

-seriously, this football team has been fun to watch this year - the few times the texas airwaves have allowed me the pleasure.  what happened tonight?  

-i never want to go to work on mondays, but this week especially it will be hard.

- dear state of texas: i am done with you.

-dear state of oklahoma: find me a job so i can come back north of the red river.

-does this mean i now have to cheer for sooners when they play tech?  that might make me cry even more than i am right now.

-i am still a very proud GRADUATE x 2 of the STATE'S university.  i am sad right now, but i will be sporting orange on monday because this is the most exciting football season EVER and i love my cowboys and bullet and mike "i'm a man" gundy and joe's and mr. iba and murphy's and morrill hall and the "magical sidewalks" on monroe and highway 51 and t boone, etc.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

grocery shopping

i don't know how i spend so much money at the grocery store.  this should be one of the benefits of not having to cook or prepare meals for anyone else, right? (ha!  i know that sounds funny for me to say, too.  poor, poor future family.)  cheaper grocery bills?  but seriously.  so much money.  each week.  and we won't even discuss the amount that gets thrown out because i try try try to eat fresh veggies - there is, though, only so much squash a girl can handle.

anyway.  for the second time in three days i ran to the store after i kicked the elliptical's ass at the gym tonight.  (side note: if you like to watch crappy reality tv - like america's next top model - but have a severe guilty conscience about watching such shows, watch them at the gym!  you totally don't feel AS guilty.  why did no one tell me this before?)  i had to go to the store because i was out of milk.  and as i was reaching for the milk, i twisted weird and hurt my knee.  fo' reals.  it is better now.  the throbbing has subsided.  but all i could think about was how i survived climbing up on that machine tonight and didn't fall once or bruise myself randomly, but then i showed up at tom thumb and hurt myself.  really?  when will i grow out of this awkward stage?  doesn't grace show up eventually?

and my point?  yeah.  there isn't one tonight.  

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

november means . . .

because yesterday - the day after halloween - was her birthday.

and it's what i do.

and i'm lucky, blessed, thankful, happy to have a sister who lets me.
 and still loves me.

she is obviously the sophisticated one.


"chance makes our relatives.  choice makes our friends."
- jacques delille


the last 48 hours.

go vote.

you may also wear orange this week in support of my osu cowboys. GO POKES!