Thursday, January 28, 2010

winter storm warning....

so last night when i went to bed it was 54 degrees, but several schools had already closed because of the impending weather. my district? not one of i still had to deal with my alarm this morning.....until i finally got the call saying we were out. and it still hadn't even hit freezing.

normally i would scoff, but i've been obsessively watching the weather radar since 6:30 and i am applauding the school districts for closing before anything is on the ground. it's getting ready to get bad here and fast, i believe. okies thinking ahead? wow. (with love people. i say that with love!)

that said. OMG I AM BORED. i'm going to do some laundry. and maybe clean a little. but then? that's all i've got. i guess i'll do some treadmill time, here in a second, but seriously. it's going to be a long day. probably two. and maybe even three.

Monday, January 25, 2010

a and b

so yeah. i've got some new years resolutions. most of them revolve around the fact that i am *hopefully* going to be beach bound for a week in june. more on that later.

but randomly, i also decided that i want to accomplish two physical feats this year. hopefully by june, but whatever. and they are a) i want to be able to do AT LEAST 25 "real" pushups. and b) i want to be able to do a cartwheel again.

for the "a" goal this would be a big deal and would probably say a lot about how i'm doing on those other resolutions i mentioned in the first paragraph. i kind of have always felt bad about having no upper arm strength at all. yes. i know this is excused because i am lacking the y chromosome, but still. but then, one of my friends who is like crazy active and played sports her whole life told me that she can't do "real" pushups, either. oddly, that made me feel better, which in turn made me feel like i should take this on as a goal.

or something.

now the whole cartwheel thing? am i alone in this? at what point does one lose the ability to do a cartwheel? cuz, like, i use to do them all of the freakin' time. and then somewhere along the way - i'm gonna blame middle school - i just stopped. and lost the ability. and to be quite honest, now the thought of going upside down kind of terrifies me in a mild sense.

so i'm like throwing down some sort of gauntlet. to myself? is that how this works?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

omg why do i suck so much?

okay. so. last year? i got super motivated and started running and eating like a pound of broccoli a day and drinking only water and iced tea and the occasional triple grande nonfat latte with cinnamon powder on top from starbucks. and tonight? i ate bueno. and guess what? it wasn't even the first time i'd done that in a while. also guess what? it was not very good.

i may have also had two - or three by the time i've written this blog - glasses of wine (red diamond merlot, which is SO SO SO yummy and makes me feel classy because i am drinking red wine. shut up. i know drinking it with bueno kind of takes away the class. but still it was good. and kind of made me forget how crappy my party burrito tasted.).

anyway. i don't know what my deal is, or has been, for the last four months or so. because i really liked the changes i made last year. i felt good. i was starting to look kind of good. that may have been the tan, but whatever. i'll give the water and broccoli some credit here. and also. the best part? i had TONS of energy.

most of those things are gone right now. and i am not stating that to be whiny or melodramatic. because you know what? some of those have been replaced by some really good things. and i am actually really content with a big part of life right now. which is probably why those things have kind of shifted to the back of my focus.

but yeah. i need to get some focus back. i'll let you know how that goes....

Monday, January 11, 2010

happy anniversary!

so it was pointed out to me by the author of THIS blog, who herself has been m.i.a. when it comes to writing over the last few months, that i hadn't written anything. like in forever. because i suck. and since everyone has probably quit reading my blog entirely this post is probably just going to fade away into the ether of the internet.

but since it is the new year and all and i actually do get a kick out of writing i'm gonna clack away on the keyboard.

and all to celebrate a very special anniversary.

a year ago - give or take a week - i became one of thoooooooose people. you know us. we annoy the hell out of you if you aren't one of our kind. you get annoyed any time we mention an "app" and you could care less about our capabilities to check email, twitter, and facebook ANY TIME WE WANT (even if we are teaching. shh.). mmhmm. i got an iphone.

and i love it. and i know i am part of a cult. and i know it is just a gadget. but oh boy how i love it.

so to celebrate....i'm just going to share some of the random pictures i've taken on my phone over the last year. trust. they are not that exciting. but hey. neither is my life.

also i am lazy, so there's a chance - pretty much a 100% chance - that there will be like no order to these pictures and how they are uploaded into the format....

also i just finished uploading pictures. i apologize now that there are so many. i could have put even more up, though, so yay for restraint!

see. like i said. totally out of order. this was a drift on the side of the road heading out to patrick's on christmas day. a day later than we were suppose to go. thanks oklahoma christmas eve blizzard of 'o9.

also a december picture. yay for friends who get married! the other side of this said "as you wish." if you are in the know, you will understand why my friend joy and i squealed and deafened our boys who happened to be trapped in a car with us at the time.

my tree! without many presents under it! but my paper was pretty!

the best picture i have ever taken in my life. seriously. hey baby drake!

lucy of course!
damn i love this dog.

when you see the next picture you will understand why my dad (especially those of you who know my dad) was a tad concerned that this might become a new habit.

4-wheelin'. in the snow. wearing camo.
and LOVING it!
even the snow!

someone playing in the spices at central market.
and no. i'm not talking about the small child in the foreground of the picture.

the giant traveling candy store at the oklahoma state fair. kimmy. this one's for you!

i bought a grill this year.
i make awesome kabobs.
i will cook for you if you come visit.

ikea. frisco. i want to do this in my den.

this sign seriously made me sad for the "modern child."
patrick was in a wedding this summer and he sent me this picture via HIS iphone to demonstrate juuuuuust how pink the wedding was. but then we were both like, "oooooh cool picture." and it is.

bob schneider. chicago. june. which of the following did i consume that night? beer, straight vodka, margaritas, beer, sangria, beer. yeah. worst. hangover. ever.
(erin, i think i still owe you some money for the get better supplies the next morning!)

8 years of teaching. all on one cart.

lucy in her new backyard.

my birthday dinner with cody. who gave me the best gift ever. i'll write about it another time. also. random encounter with two people from my amarillo childhood who were sitting at the booth next to us. whom i hadn't seen in FOREVER. it was a great birthday.
oh. i was born in '78. so i thought it was super cool that our number was '78.
oh. this place had frozen screwdrivers. yum.
i keep typing hoping the name of the restaurant is going to pop in my head, but it won't!!!!!
it was in the hospital district in fort worth, though.

callie. she says my name now and it is the awesomest thing ever!
you would not believe how many pictures i have of her crazy hair and her sister's crazy hair. i take that back.
if you've met them, you'd totally believe that.

i apologize for the profanity, but this was the wall of a bathroom at a bar in downtown tulsa by cain's.
it made me laugh. before pabst even.

still the grossest thing i've ever had to think about. no wait.
the bacon flavored jelly beans i was forced to taste may top this.
oh and my nails look pretty in this picture. i need to quit biting them again.

so. there is my odd scrapbook for 2009. maybe if i write more this year i can do this as i go and not cram it all into a post that takes me nearly an evening to write. (so new goal? to stop writing like a 1980's valley girl. yikes. apologies again.)

now if you'll excuse me, my iphone and i are going to go cuddle up and play some "words with friends" before we crash for the night.