Thursday, January 28, 2010

winter storm warning....

so last night when i went to bed it was 54 degrees, but several schools had already closed because of the impending weather. my district? not one of i still had to deal with my alarm this morning.....until i finally got the call saying we were out. and it still hadn't even hit freezing.

normally i would scoff, but i've been obsessively watching the weather radar since 6:30 and i am applauding the school districts for closing before anything is on the ground. it's getting ready to get bad here and fast, i believe. okies thinking ahead? wow. (with love people. i say that with love!)

that said. OMG I AM BORED. i'm going to do some laundry. and maybe clean a little. but then? that's all i've got. i guess i'll do some treadmill time, here in a second, but seriously. it's going to be a long day. probably two. and maybe even three.

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Anonymous said...

Bored too. I already cleaned up the counters, the table, washed both beds sheets AND quilts, did the dishes, went target (and mcdonalds) and picked up all the stupid little toys in the living room. Bored and don't want to do anything else that involves cleaning.....bleck. AND I have to drive to work in the morning....double bleck.