Thursday, February 28, 2008

¿si se puede?

going public with the blog . . .

so tonight i got to do something that i've wanted to do since i heard batty talk about going to a jfk rally when she was a teenager. i went to see obama speak at a rally.

i'm still a 'fence-sitter' for tuesday's election. every other day my mind changes. i'm not even sure i'm gonna vote as a democrat. republicans are voting as democrats, so why shouldn't i vote 'as' a republican? i think it would be HI-larious if huckabee were to win texas because so many republicans crossed over to vote for the candidate they WANT to run against mccain. so. i'm thinking that.

anyway. i wanted to experience the obamafication of my town tonight. i'm glad i did. the best part of the night was the little girl behind me. she was probably about five or so. and every time someone came up to the stage and people yelled and screamed, she would get so excited and yell at her mom, "is that obama?" in fact, there were kids EVERYWHERE at the convention center, which just made me really happy.

i was impressed by obama . . . he actually talked about some issues and solutions, which i really haven't seen him do before. (i haven't watched the debates. c'mon. big brother is on.) and, he is as powerful of a speaker as the media paints him to be. i cracked up when he used the word y'all. there is still a cynic in me who is pretty sure some speech writer told him to make sure to do that as he was coming to the stage. one really interesting thing to me, which i would totally point out to tim russert if he asked for my thoughts on the evening, is that obama never once acknowledged hillary clinton. nada. zilch. he did, however, bring up mccain. several times. hmmmm.