Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i be back

okay.  it's summer.  i have a job for the fall.  i am more than 3/4 of the way through the entire moving process.  i'm on vacation.  no more "i be busy" types of arguments.

so, i guess, i'll come back to blogging.

oh.  and one other thing.....there is now a house.  a house that will involve renovations.  a house that will bring sarah (me!) closer together with john and karen (the 'rents!)  because oh yeaaaaaaaahhhh.  WE are doing the renovations.  and guess who gets to read about it?  yep. yall.

before i do much writing, let me show you the photographic evidence of day one.  i'm sure there will be stories to tell as we get further along, but right now the newness is still a-shimmer and the cynicism, i mean, story-telling will commence later.

picture 1 - living room from the dining room.  still attached: beverly's (previous owner) jcpenney's drapes from 1979.  oh.  and the carpet.

picture 2: karen and lucy getting ready to check out what the heck is underneath the carpet.  (also from 1979).  look how handy my mom is.

picture 3: LOOK WHAT WE FOUND!!!  and can i get a hallelujah???  the floors freakin' rock!  

picture 4: we got so excited about the floors that we just decided to rip up all of the carpet up. because seriously.  can you see those floors?  the only issue.  can you see the line up the middle?  those are all tacks.  and there are a lot of them because there is a lot of floor.  so pretty much?  if you come to visit me the next couple of weeks?  yep.  you're going to be assigned tack duty....

picture 5: trash.  leftover from all of the carpet pulling up.  and this was after one room.  ick.

picture 6: john.  he was awfully excited to mow that grass.  i have promised him that will not become his job.  just gotta find me a mower.  (hint, hint lissa and jerms.)

picture 7: and me.  like a super sexy hot picture of me.  wouldn't you agree?  this is after the battle with the carpet AND combating the 1979 drapery machinations that were everywhere.  new annoyance: window treatments.

picture 8: and you too can achieve super sexy hotness.  just move into a house with a broken a/c and then decided to rip out all of the carpet.  oh.  and remember.  it's summer.

picture 9: my first house-warming gift.  it's there as a beacon of what will come when everything is finished.  unfortunately, that probably won't be until football season.  that's aiiiight.  margaritas and football?  i think that has a nice ring...