Sunday, March 1, 2009

a mini-rant: in two parts


so at my apartment complex we can be lazy and take our trash down to our parking spots on tuesdays and fridays and "they" will pick it up for us.  i think this is lazy because my parking spot is about the same number of steps from my door as the big trash can is - just in opposite directions.  since i have a four-legged roommate who has to be taken outside a few times a day, i use that time to take the trash out as well.  huge news, i know.  in my little courtyard unit everyone places their trash in the little walkway between our cars.  typically not a problem as it is only two days a week that anyone really needs to do this.  but.  one of my neighbors missed the "pick up" time on friday, but took their trash out anyway.  so for the last three days it has been sitting there next to where we park our cars and looking, well, trashy.  now.  i am not the most punctual person on earth, so i completely understand getting my trash down too late . . . but i am mildly considerate and i believe that if i had gotten home from work on friday and seen that my trash didn't get picked up with everyone else's, i would have gone ahead and walked it on down to the actual trash can.  but apparently not this neighbor (and i totally know which one it is because, well, it's obvious mr. frat boy across the walkway).  nope.  this neighbor has come and gone all weekend, having to walk by their trash (like the rest of us have had to) every single time they have gone to their car and gotten back home.  

and yes.  i know i could pick it up and walk it down, but that's not really my point now is it?


it's tax season.  yay.  there are several reasons i don't like doing taxes, but one of them is that all of those little places in the strip malls that will help you do your taxes (liberty tax, specifically) hire people to stand outside along the street in various patriotic costumes waving to cars as they speed by.  my issue is this . . . i feel like they are guilting me in to wanting to use their service because everyone they hire just looks pathetic standing out there waving for hours on end.  and i live in texas.  where it is relatively warm for most of the tax season.  but i feel for these people who have this same job in colder places like, oklahoma and kansas and colorado.  and they never seem to be wearing coats.  it drives me crazy.  so crazy in fact, i can't really seem to write coherent or interesting thoughts on the matter.

just so you know, i purposefully wrote this blog BEFORE the walmart grocery trip.  because after that experience this wouldn't have been a mini-rant or one that includes only 2 parts at all.  

you.  are.  welcome.