Sunday, November 14, 2010

getting all domestic

i am trying to convince myself that i like to cook. somedays i am totally in line with that thought, but most days, not so much. but. i am trying to cook MORE and for the most part, i've done pretty well for the last couple of months. to keep me motivated and accountable, i thought i might flit back here to the ol' blog and use it as a place to post my weekly menus. you know. for the three people who still remember to check to see if i've written anything in the last 6 months.

plus. i miss writing. so maybe this will kick start me a bit.

without further ado......

monday dinner
pita pizza and spinach salad
whole grain pita, with a tad of ragu homestyle pizza sauce, topped with a bit of mozzarella cheese and whatever veggies i have on hand. um. patrick and i are obsessed with these. and even better? they are less than 300 calories . . . way less if you go easy on the cheese. um, they also taste better than any frozen pizza you can buy. trust me. i'm an expert on those.

tuesday dinner
white veggie chowder and spinach salad
earlier this fall, i joined e mealz for like a measly 15 bucks every three months. you get a menu and shopping list at the beginning of each week. i pay for the points menu for two people. usually, i pick one or two recipes every week that i plan to cook. so far, i've only made one thing i didn't like. this soup is a new recipe, but i'm excited about it.

wednesday dinner
whole grain pasta with light alfredo sauce and chicken and mushrooms.
we'll see how this one goes. i was shocked at how little calories the alfredo sauce has in it. i hope it tastes good.

thursday dinner
leftover chowder

friday dinner
no idea. i'm not in charge that night.

also new? my weekly goal statement. this week's? exercise m-f this week and stick to my menu and ignore the butterfingers in the candy basket in my classroom. three goals, but all essentially the same.....


Erin said...

Yay, a new blog! I missed you :)

Also, I like the menu posting already - you've already given me some ideas for when I cook (which is rare, but might happen). Feel free to send me recipes!

Janet said...

Ok - I'll be looking forward to some healthy delicious exciting Thanksgiving options! But really, who should do that during the holidays anyway!
(Glad to find a new blog entry! Guess I must be one of the three. And, Hi Erin!)

joeks said...

So that would make me the third person who checks your blog? Surely you must have other lurkers!
The meals sound good, but please tell me you didn't really ignore those Butterfingers!